From Delphi to the Korykio cave

Known as “Bad ladder”, the ancient path starts from the highest point of the village (next to the museum of Angelos Sikelianos). The paved path provides a unique view of the Pleistos valley and the archaeological site. (1 hour).

Other routes – alternative routes, old paths suitable for hiking. Some of the most important ones are: Kalyvia Arachova plateau-Prodoli-Gerontovrachos-Liacoura. Starting from the eastern edge of Kalyvia, you can follow the old path through green slopes towards Prodoli. Continue following the river to the double well (1h.30). By traverse you reach the base of Liakoura (1h). From this side you can climb to the top. (45 minutes).

Agoriani or Eptalofos (8 km)

It is one of the best resorts of Parnassos for all seasons of the year. It is a historic, beautiful and amphitheatrically built on seven hills at an altitude of 850-990 meters near the slopes of Parnassos. Green, with abundant springs and natural beauties, Eptalofos was a refuge of the Byzantine emperors Komnenoi and was burnt to the ground during the Occupation.

Attractions of the area are the many chapels, the picturesque springs and finally the path marked E4 from the central square of the village that is the beginning of two routes, one to Delphi and one to Kaloskopi. Finally, in Eptalofos lived and created for many years our poet Angelos Sikelianos, whose house functions as a museum.

The Canyon of Asopos (42 km)

The canyon can be crossed all year round. It is located on the peaks of Oiti and is a small wonder of nature, with crystal clear water and closed high walls.

It is also of historical interest as it was the passage of Ephialtes, when he betrayed the Greeks to the Persians during the Battle of Thermopylae.

Vagonneto – Mining Park of Fokida (32 km)

The Mining Park of Fokida is a new and unique attraction in Greece. It is a place to get acquainted with the history of bauxite mining and exploitation that, with the help of Vagonneto, takes image, form and sound in front of our eyes 200 meters below the surface of the Earth!


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